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Parkville Travel Baseball is for players interested in additional competition beyond what the in-house recreation program provides. Parkville Travel participates in the BCML travel league. Games may be played on Saturdays or Sundays around the northeast area (this includes some locations in Harford County). The possibility of playing in several local tournaments is also an option.

Mandatory participation in the in-house recreation program is required. Travel players must fully participate on an in-house team in order to maintain their eligibility to play on a Parkville Travel team.  Failure to do so may result in removal from the travel program.     

Participation on a travel team is competitive and there are try-outs for each team. A player must be registered with Parkville In-House Baseball for the upcoming season before they can try out for the travel teams. Players will be selected based on fundamental skills, attitude and dedication. The final selection of players is up to the manager of each travel team. The managers will be running their teams and they are ultimately their responsibility. Therefore Parkville Baseball will fully support manager’s decisions regarding the selection of the travel players.

If a player is selected for a Parkville Travel team there will be a separate registration process including additional fees beyond the in-house fee for that travel team. Each teams registration fee is different based on age group and is determined by the manager.  Uniform costs and tournament costs are included in the travel registration fees.

For additional information about this program, please contact Rick & Jenn Milam, at parkvilletravelbaseball@gmail.com


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