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2015 Season

Thank you to the following volunteers who were elected to the following positions on the Parkville Baseball Board for the 2015 season:

President - Rick Milam

Vice President - Aaron Powers

Treasurer - Jennifer Milam

Rules Director - Keith Drecchio

Equipment Manager - Andrew Ignatz

TBall Commissioner - Howie Lewis

Clinic Commissioner - Travis Badore

8 year old Commissioner - Mike O'Neill

9/10 Commissioner - Kevin Laffoon

11/12 Commissioner - Chris Stettes

13/15 Commissioner - Aaron Powers


11/12 Playoffs

Congratulations to Ken Mumaw and the 11/12 Athletics for winning the

2014 11/12 Championship. 

1 - Athletics

2 - Pirates

3 - Phillies

4 - Diamondbacks

5 - Dodgers

6 - Orioles

7 - Braves



9/10 Playoffs

Congratulations to Mikey Martin and the 9/10 Phillies for winning the 

2014 9/10 Championship.


1 - Phillies

2 - Dianondbacks

3 - Orioles

4 - Braves

5 - Angels

6 - Dodgers

7 - Athletics

8 - Marlins



13/15 Playoffs

Congratulations to Jeff Markle and the 13/15 Athletics for winning the 

2014 13/15 Championship.


1 - Athletics

2 - Dodgers 

3 - Orioles

4 - Phillies




9/10 All Stars

Congratulations to the following players for making the 2014 9/10 All Star Teams.  The game will be played

Team 1 Managed by Jeff Hofstetter

Diamondbacks:  Braden Hofstetter, Jacob Hofstetter, Jack Taylor

Marlins:  Gavin Bigelow, Owen Evans, Rio Valenzuela

Angels:  Andrew Tower, Tyler Green, Ethan Brocolina

Dodgers:  Timothy Kastanaras, Brendan Kastanaras, Owen Ayotte


Team 2 Managed by Andre Tyler 

Athletics:  Tyler Leahy, Brennan James, Joshua Gibbons

Braves:  Sam Weiland, Will Ensminger, Jason Benton

Phillies:  Jacob Maiste, Bradley Lintz, Caleb Hurst

Orioles:  Josh Adey, Andrew Estrada, Ryan Guibault


11/12 All Stars


Congratulations to the following players for making the 2014 11/12 All Star Teams.  The game will be played


Team 1 Managed by Chris Stettes

Phillies:  Charles Brown, Matt Smith, J.R. Harrison, Owen Stettes

Orioles:  Cole Milam, Trevor Lintz, Ryan McDowell, Grant Turner

Diamondbacks:  Dylan Cepeda, Jake Volz, Chris Virtz, Oran Allen-Wilson

Braves:  Andrew Williams, Isaiah Smith


Team 2 Managed by John England

Dodgers:  Adam Mair, Mason Ayotte, Garrett Bender, Will Sharff

Athletics:  Austin Mumaw, Luke Mumaw, Trey Oakley, Neys'san Sedgewick

Pirates:  Mason Pilon, Anthony Mikevatz, Marcus Rumbler, Connor Ignatz

Braves:  Caleb White, Isaac Jewell

Congratulations to the following players for making the 2014 13/15 All Star Teams.  The game will be played

Team 1 Managed by Aaron Powers

Orioles:  Dylan Elberson, Michael Armetta, Evan Crum, Vincent Pacheco, Ian Tormollan,

Alexander Vasold, William Paca, Adam Clark

Phillies:  Austin Light, Frank Handley, Ryan Gilman, Ben Wancowitz


Team 2 Managed by Bruce Schraudner

Dodgers:  Ronnie Jones, Noah Lintz, Matt Myers, Kenneth Smith, Wendell Williams, Zach Smith

Athletics:  Dylan Maiste, Chase Thomas, Austin Burke, Dylan Carr, Jerrod Dunn, Joseph O'Leary





Parkville Commercial

Jerry's Toyota and Jerry's Chevrolet are big supporters of the Parkville Baseball program.  A few weeks ago we were asked to film a commercial for them at Double Rock Park.  It will begin airing today on Comcast Cable.  Check it out!!!

For all information regarding weather cancellations and

field restrictions

please call the weather line @ 410-372-8169.



Weather Line


The weather line is updated after 3pm on weekdays and around 8am on weekends.  Please call this number to get updates on cancellations and changes. 

Welcome to Parkville Recreation Baseball

Parkville Recreation Baseball offers programs for children ages 4-19. We are one of the largest in-house baseball programs in the state of Maryland serving over 500 players (all registered through Parkville) each season.

Our season begins April 1st and concludes at the end of June. Highlights of our season include Little League Day at Camden Yards, All Star Games, end of the year festivities and fundraisers.  

Our younger age groups (ages 4-8) play a season of non-competitive baseball that focuses on teaching basic baseball skills, rules and strategies along with good sportsmanship, appropriate behavior and attitude.

Our older age groups (ages 9-15) play a season of competitive baseball that builds on what is taught at the younger level while preparing them for a season ending playoff tournament.

Parkville also offers a Travel Baseball program. Tryouts for this begin at the end of January/beginning of February.


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